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    character: Takefumi Tonami
    Thursday, April 20, 2006

    As a fat, sickly, and spoiled child, Takefumi was constantly picked on in elementary school. He was somewhat protected by the tomboyish Tsubaki, who, while protecting him from other bullies, would bully Takefumi herself. He transferred to a school in another city, but returns years later to attend Hokuei High School with the other characters. When he returns to Tokyo, he had lost weight, become healthy, tall, handsome, and completely unrecognizable. Although he butts heads with Yukino at first, she recognizes that his efforts to transform himself are similar to her own obsession with her image, and they share a mutual, albeit begrudging, admiration.

    When it comes to Soichiro, Takefumi acts like Hideaki, i.e. completely smitten with the teen. While in elementary school, besides Tsubaki, Soichiro was the other one who constantly defend Takefumi. However, unlike Tsubaki, Soichiro doesn't bully him in return. This earned the respect of Takefumi. (In fact, his makeover was partly because of his goal to be like Soichiro)

    Posted at 10:06 pm by AlphaMale

    character: Kazuma Ikeda

    Son of the woman who Tsubasa's father is seeing. He's a member of a rock band (called "Yin & Yang") and has bleached hair, so he is initially looked upon with suspicion by Tsubasa. Because he wants his mother to be happy, and is eager to have a little sister, he has no objections to their marriage. Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of assuming that Tsubasa is an elementary school student due to her short stature, causing Tsubasa to have a spectacular meltdown. (Tsubasa is in fact, one month older than Kazuma)

    Although their first meeting goes badly, after running into Tsubasa a few days later, they realize that they are similar in their loneliness, and immediately bond like a real brother and sister.

    Posted at 10:03 pm by AlphaMale

    character: Maho Izawa

    An attractive and intelligent student, she falls out of the limelight when she arrives in high school because of Yukino. Her jealousy becomes hatred and she turns the entire class against Yukino. Eventually, however, it backfires on her and the class turns on Maho. Yukino takes the high road and makes the first efforts to turn Maho into a friend. Maho soon became part of the clique, though she doesn't enjoy it at times, thinking that the other girls are weird.

    Posted at 09:59 pm by AlphaMale

    character: Rika Sena

    Sweet and gentle Rika is a gifted seamstress and craftswoman. She works on costumes for school plays and events. She was best friends with Aya since childhood, and she and Aya have a strange dynamic where Aya will do something selfish towards Rika, but Rika's sheer goodness will shame Aya ... and the cycle continues.

    Posted at 09:58 pm by AlphaMale

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